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Curry Law Offices is located in Platteville Wisconsin provides services State wide.  Attorney George Curry is dedicated to helping people.  He provides mediation to parties who want to settle their law suits out of court.  He also represents people in personal injury, business law and probate cases.


The firm is unique in that George Curry has 21 years of experience as a trial attorney and 19 years as a Circuit Judge.  He has tried more than 70 jury trials in private practice and presided over more than 380 jury trials as a circuit judge.  He is one of the most experienced trial attorneys in Wisconsin.


George Curry has mediated personal injury cases as an attorney and civil cases for other judges.  He is a member of the Wisconsin Mediation Association.  He has completed the Judicial College course on mediation and he has attended the seminars such as “Mediation:  Its Potential and Limitations.”  


He also participates in the LinkedIn group of mediators in Wisconsin sharing the latest information and practices.


Mediation not litigation is the best way to handle cases as the cost of litigation is generally many times more expensive.


Attorney George Curry has a reputation for integrity and achievement.  He was selected to chair a Supreme Court ethics committee for six years. He is dedicated to representing people who need his help.

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